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abagames::p47::Enemy::Enemy Class Reference

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Definition at line 34 of file Enemy.d.

Public Member Functions

override void draw ()
override void init (ActorInitializer ini)
override void move ()
override Actor newActor ()
void set (Vector p, float d, EnemyType type, BulletMLParser *moveParser)
void setBoss (Vector p, float d, EnemyType type)

Public Attributes

Battery battery [EnemyType.BATTERY_MAX]
bool isExist
Vector pos
int shield
EnemyType type

Static Public Attributes

static const float FIELD_SPACE = 0.5

Private Types

enum  { NOHIT = -2, HIT = -1 }

Private Member Functions

void addBonuses ()
void addBonuses (Vector p, int sl)
void addDamage (int dmg)
void addDamageBattery (int idx, int dmg)
void addFragments (int n, float z, float speed, float deg)
void addWingFragments (BatteryType bt, int n, float z, float speed, float deg)
void checkDamage ()
int checkHit (Vector p, float xofs, float yofs)
int checkLocked (Vector p, float xofs, Lock lock)
void controlFireCnt ()
void gotoNextPoint ()
void moveBoss ()
void remove ()
void removeBattery (Battery *b, BatteryType bt)
void removeTopBullets ()
BulletActor setBullet (Barrage br, Vector ofs)
BulletActor setBullet (Barrage br, Vector ofs, float xr)
void setTopBullets ()

Private Attributes

int appCnt
int barragePatternIdx
float baseDeg
int bossTimer
BulletActorPool bullets
int cnt
bool damaged
float deg
int dstCnt
Field field
float fieldLimitX
float fieldLimitY
int fireCnt
bool isBoss
ActorPool locks
P47GameManager manager
BulletActor moveBullet
Vector movePoint [MOVE_POINT_MAX]
int movePointIdx
int movePointNum
bool onRoute
ActorPool rolls
Ship ship
ActorPool shots
float speed
int timeoutCnt
BulletActor topBullet
Vector vel
int velCnt
float z

Static Private Attributes

static const int APPEARANCE_CNT = 90
static const float APPEARANCE_Z = -15
static float BOSS_MOVE_DEG = 0.02
static const int BOSS_TIMEOUT = 30 * 60
static const int DESTROYED_CNT = 90
static const float DESTROYED_Z = -10
static const int ENEMY_TYPE_SCORE [] = [100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000]
static const int ENEMY_WING_SCORE = 1000
static int LOCK_DAMAGE = 7
static const int MOVE_POINT_MAX = 8
static Rand rand
static int ROLL_DAMAGE = 1
static int SHOT_DAMAGE = 1
static const int TIMEOUT_CNT = 90


struct  Battery

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