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abagames::p47::P47GameManager::P47GameManager Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for abagames::p47::P47GameManager::P47GameManager:


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Detailed Description

Manage the game status and actor pools.

Definition at line 45 of file P47GameManager.d.

Public Types

enum  { ROLL, LOCK }
enum  {

Public Member Functions

void addBonus (Vector pos, Vector ofs, int num)
void addBoss (Vector pos, float d, EnemyType type)
void addEnemy (Vector pos, float d, EnemyType type, BulletMLParser *moveParser)
void addFragments (int n, float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2, float z, float speed, float deg)
void addLock ()
void addParticle (Vector pos, float deg, float ofs, float speed)
void addRoll ()
void addScore (int sc)
void addShot (Vector pos, float deg)
void clearBullets ()
override void close ()
override void draw ()
override void init ()
override void move ()
void releaseLock ()
void releaseRoll ()
void setBossShieldMeter (int bs, int s1, int s2, int s3, int s4, float r)
void setMainLoop (MainLoop mainLoop)
void setPrefManager (PrefManager prefManager)
void setScreenShake (int cnt, float intense)
void setUIs (Screen screen, Input input)
void shipDestroyed ()
override void start ()
void startStage (int difficulty, int parsecSlot, int startParsec, int mode)

Public Attributes

int difficulty
int mode
bool nowait = false
int parsecSlot
int state
int status

Protected Attributes

PrefManager abstPrefManager
Screen abstScreen
Input input
MainLoop mainLoop

Private Member Functions

void drawBoard (int x, int y, int width, int height)
void drawBossShieldMeter ()
void drawBox (int x, int y, int w, int h)
void drawLeft ()
void drawParsec ()
void drawScore ()
void drawSideBoards ()
void drawSideInfo ()
void gameoverDraw ()
void gameoverDrawLuminous ()
void gameoverDrawStatus ()
void gameoverMove ()
void inGameDraw ()
void inGameDrawLuminous ()
void inGameDrawStatus ()
void inGameMove ()
void initShipState ()
void moveScreenShake ()
void pauseDrawStatus ()
void pauseMove ()
void resumePause ()
void setEyepos ()
void stageMove ()
void startGameover ()
void startInGame ()
void startPause ()
void startTitle ()
void titleDraw ()
void titleDrawLuminous ()
void titleDrawStatus ()
void titleMove ()

Private Attributes

BarrageManager barrageManager
ActorPool bonuses
const int BOSS_WING_NUM = 4
int bossShield
int bossWingShield [BOSS_WING_NUM]
bool btnPrsd = true
BulletActorPool bullets
int cnt
ActorPool enemies
const int ENEMY_MAX = 32
const int EVERY_EXTEND = 500000
int extendScore
Field field
const int FIRST_EXTEND = 200000
LuminousActorPool fragments
float interval
int left
const int LEFT_MAX = 4
ActorPool locks
Pad pad
LuminousActorPool particles
int pauseCnt
bool pPrsd = true
P47PrefManager prefManager
Rand rand
ActorPool rolls
int score
P47Screen screen
int screenShakeCnt
float screenShakeIntense
Ship ship
ActorPool shots
const float[P47PrefManager.MODE_NUM] SLOWDOWN_START_BULLETS_SPEED = [30, 42]
StageManager stageManager
Title title

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