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abagames::p47::Ship::Ship Class Reference

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Detailed Description

My ship.

Definition at line 25 of file Ship.d.

Public Member Functions

void destroyed ()
void draw ()
void init (Pad pad, Field field, P47GameManager manager)
void move ()
void setSpeedRate (float rate)
void start ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void createDisplayLists ()
static void deleteDisplayLists ()

Public Attributes

int cnt
const int INVINCIBLE_CNT = 228
Vector pos
bool restart
const int RESTART_CNT = 300
const float SIZE = 0.3

Static Public Attributes

static int displayListIdx
static bool isSlow = false

Private Attributes

float bank
const float BANK_BASE = 50
const float BASE_SPEED = 0.6
float baseSpeed
Field field
const float FIELD_SPACE = 1.5
float fieldLimitX
float fieldLimitY
const float FIRE_NARROW_BASE_DEG = 0.5
const float FIRE_WIDE_BASE_DEG = 0.7
int fireCnt
Vector firePos
float fireWideDeg
P47GameManager manager
Pad pad
Vector ppos
bool rollCharged
int rollLockCnt
const float SLOW_BASE_SPEED = 0.3
float slowSpeed
float speed
int ttlCnt
const float TURRET_INTERVAL_LENGTH = 0.2
Vector vel

Static Private Attributes

static Rand rand

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