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abagames::util::Actor::Actor Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for abagames::util::Actor::Actor:

abagames::p47::Bonus::Bonus abagames::p47::BulletActor::BulletActor abagames::p47::Enemy::Enemy abagames::p47::Lock::Lock abagames::p47::LuminousActor::LuminousActor abagames::p47::Roll::Roll abagames::p47::Shot::Shot abagames::p47::Fragment::Fragment abagames::p47::Particle::Particle

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Detailed Description

Actor in the game that has the interface to move and draw.

Definition at line 14 of file Actor.d.

Public Member Functions

abstract void draw ()
abstract void init (ActorInitializer ini)
abstract void move ()
abstract Actor newActor ()

Public Attributes

bool isExist

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