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abagames::util::sdl::Pad::Pad Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Joystick and keyboard input.

Definition at line 17 of file Pad.d.

Public Member Functions

int getButtonState ()
int getPadState ()
void handleEvent (SDL_Event *event)
void openJoystick ()

Public Attributes

bool buttonReversed = false
Uint8 * keys

Static Public Attributes

static const int PAD_BUTTON1 = 16
static const int PAD_BUTTON2 = 32
static const int PAD_DOWN = 2
static const int PAD_LEFT = 4
static const int PAD_RIGHT = 8
static const int PAD_UP = 1

Private Attributes

const int JOYSTICK_AXIS = 16384
SDL_Joystick * stick = null

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